Stephen Veit, MD
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Knowing your insurance

There are 4 areas where your insurance does not pay for your medical care:

A. Your policy may have certain noncovered items that may include services, tests, and treatments.

B. Your policy may require a co-pay every time you obtain services.

C. Your policy may have a deductible where you might have to pay for the first costs of the year(sometimes even up to the first $10,000 per year)

D. Your policy may have a coinsurance. This means you have to split payments with your insurance company for certain care, they might pay 70% and you would have to pay 30% for that care, like an EKG or lab test.

   This complicated system has made it important for us to change how we handle billing. We expect payments in full for noncovered items and the co-pay at every visit.

   If your policy has a deductible has been shown to been met, we will be glad to bill your insurance company. And, after they have paid, have you pay the remaining balance.

   For coinsurance, if we can determine the amount you owe, we expect it at the time of service. If we cannot determine the amount you owe at the time of service, we would appreciate credit card authorization for your coinsurance amount after the insurance has paid.