Stephen Veit, MD
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Vaccine Dollars and Sense

Vaccines are a very important part of your health.  They are the biggest and most important change medical care has ever made in our length and quality of life.

Because of this importance, our office, our local Public Health office, and our State are trying to make it very easy for children ages 0-18 to get the immunizations they need with the Iowa Vaccines for Children Program.

The VFC program provides FREE vaccines for all children from birth through 18 years of age who have no health insurance coverage or who have Medicaid.  Please schedule at our office.

If your child has immunization coverage on their health insurance, the cheapest way to get the immunization is to call our office and schedule the immunizations with us.

If your child is underinsured (some type of health insurance, but the insurance benefit plan does not include immunizations) they can receive FREE immunizations at our local Public Health Office.  Please call 225-1503 to schedule an appointment.